Satta Number Nikalne Ka Formula 2023

Satta Number Nikalne Ka Formula: Hello friends, today through this article we will tell you the formula and correct way to extract the Satta number, as well as some special types of Satta matka tips and Will also share tricks.

If you are searching on internet matka tips, ratan matka tips and tricks, satta matka tips and tricks in hindi then you are reading the right article, we are going to give you a lot of information related to satta matka, hope your satta These tips and tricks will be useful in career, so let’s know “Satta Number Nikalne Ka Formula” which will help you to become the best bookie.

Satta is also called Betting in English, people who know Hindi, they also know this game by the name of “Satta Matka”. This game was started by a person named “Ratan Khatri”. Since then this game is becoming popular in India. The way to play this game is very simple, but nowadays the popularity of this game is decreasing, in today’s time people like to play online betting.

Most of the people bet on cricket matches, but despite this, a large number of people are interested in playing satta matka. This game is similar to the lottery. For your information, let us tell you that it is illegal to play betting in India. But still people play this game. Mafia people also interfere in running this game, this game is played illegally in India. So come on guys! Know the “formula to extract the betting number”.

How to choose numbers? (Matka Tips in Hindi)

In this game you have to select any three numbers from 0 to 9. Like you chose 6, 5 and 4. But to make this game more interesting and interesting these numbers are added. For example you add – (6+5+4) the answer = 15 comes. But according to the condition of this game, you have to use only the last digit of the answer. eg- 5 will now be your first draw in this game (6,5,4*5).

Similarly, the second group of other numbers is also prepared. For example my numbers are 3,7,8. Now on adding this number (3+7+8) the answer = 18 will come. As in the previous draw, it will be the number of draws (3,7,88). Now your last card will be something like this – 6,5,45×3,7,8*8.

Matka Tips And Tricks

  • If the first draw selected by you comes out, then you will get 9×90 = 90 rupees as a reward according to your bet.
  • Similarly, if you get cracked in the second phase, you will get 9×90 = ₹ 900 as per the bet you have placed.
  • In the third and last step also the number in the middle of the draw number selected by you and the first number should match. If this happens then you will get 90×10 = 900 rupees as a reward.

This amount can increase further according to your investment. If you invest more money, you will get more profit if you win the bet. The above ratio is just an example. So that you can easily understand the nuances of the game.

If you play Satta Matka, then let us tell you. That if you bet. So as per the fee rules in this game the bookie will pay you 5% fee. This fee is charged from you only in case of winning the claim. For example if you placed a bet, and you won ₹100. Then in case you win the bet, the bookie will deduct ₹ 5 from your ₹ 100 and give the remaining amount to you.

Sometimes it has been seen in this game that in case of winning a huge amount, the bookies run away if they are unable to pay the amount. This game runs in the night and most of the results are declared in the night itself. That’s why this game is not so reliable anymore. If you invest a lot of money in this game, then the responsibility of sinking or getting it will be yours and only yours.

Friends! I hope you have understood the “Formula to get Satta Number”. If you have any suggestion or question, then you can send us by writing via comment. If you liked “Satta Number Extract Method”, then share this article with your friends on social media.

Satta Number Nikalne Ka Mantra

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