Satta Number Nikalne Ka Mantra

Satta Number Nikalne Ka Mantra: Hello friends, today through this article we are going to tell you- ‘Satta Matka Number Nikalne Ka Mantra in Hindi’. Many of our readers had commented a lot on our previous satta post. In which many people had asked to write a post about “Satta Number Mantra“, “Gaming Winning Mantra”, “Money Earning Tricks” and “Satta Number Nikalne Ka Mantra” etc.

That’s why today through this article, how can we find out the betting number by mantra? Will share its complete method with you. Also, if you want to fulfill any special task or desire through mantras, then I will recommend you a book for that. Which you can buy online from Amazon. In this book, you will find mention of gambling, money, domestic problems, vashikaran mantra etc. with all kinds of mantras and methods.

Satta Number Nikalne Ka Mantra

Satta Mantra :

या ख़्वाजा ख़िज्र में तेरा इलियास।
लिल्लाम का दिल चित्त मेरे पास।।

First of all, choose a secluded place to prove Tantra Vidya. After this, to prove the above mantra, chant the above mantra 108 times sitting near a deserted well on Friday night i.e. Thursday at 11:00 pm. During chanting of this mantra, burn frankincense and apply dhuni and sacrifice langdhoop 108 times.

You have to start this process from Friday night (Thursday), and keep doing it continuously for 21 days. This mantra will be proved on 22nd day. After the mantra is proven, the seeker i.e. the person who proved the mantra should write this mantra on a paper to another person and that person should keep that paper under his pillow and go to sleep. In the night, he will definitely know the number of the bet through dreams.

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